This is a short list of answers to questions that users might ask.

frequently ASKEd QUESTIONS

Q: What is a Diamond Hander?

A: A Diamond Hander refers to:
1) The characters depicted in the artwork of the actual NFTs.
2) The owner of one or more of the official Diamond Hander NFTS.

Q: How can I get Whitelisted?

A) Whitelist preference will be decided by a predetermined number of reactions to an official pinned posting in the Diamond Handers discord channel. We will be active in communicating timing on all social media platforms. 

Q: How many Diamond Handers will be minted?

A: There will be a set collection of 10,000 Official Diamond Handers NFTs.

Q: How can I contact the team for further information?

A: 1) The Chat feature.
2) The official Diamond Handers Discord channel has access to every Team Member/Developer. You can also find more information on frequently asked questions, official dates and a great place for social interaction with other Diamond Handers on the Discord.