Getting ahead while giving back.

To get where you want to be, you have got to know where you're going; we believe that as well as transparency within our community are necessary components to not only creating, but maintaining a successful project.


2) launch

3)Donating to charity



6)Investment opportunity




10) Games

mint. 2022

Diamond Handers

1) We will spend the first months strategically marketing as well as partnering with influencers and other projects to help spread the word about Diamond Handers.

2) We plan to Launch in the first Quarter of 2022. Your NFT will serve as your ticket into our society.

3) We are committed to donating 30% of our initial sales to help #TeamTrees plant 1 million tress and help #TeamSeas clean 1 million pounds of trash from the ocean. Finally we plan to donate 10 million meals to hungry families through Feeding America. 

4) We will be doing raffles once per week, as a holder you will have the chance to win $12,222 in prizes weekly.

5) We will be hosting 3 two day events in 2022. We plan on having amazing guest speakers, such as Gary Vee,  Mark Cuban and MANY others. We will have a Q&A where we will let Diamond Handers share their ideas for the project and even pitch their own businesses! We will be holding events the day after the conventions. We plan on hosting a Yacht Part in Miami, Renting out a casino for our holders to come together in Las Vegas and finally, renting out a night club in Los Angeles to host a private concert for Diamond Handers! (Artists TBD)

6) We will be using a large portion of the sale proceeds to create a community wallet that will be used to make multiple different investments; from crypto and bluechip NFT projects, to Real Estate deals and angel investing into start-ups. Well allow the community to vote through our DAO to help decide where we invest the funds. Diamond Handers who stake their NFTS will be paid back a portion of these investments. 

7) The community will be able to vote on many things. From future events, to investment decisions; we want to let the community decide. 

8) We will be working with the best upcoming projects to get Diamond Handers Whitelist spots.

9) You will have the option to lock away your NFT for additional rewards and benefits, as well as a piece of the investment portfolio. The more NFTS you stake, the higher your rewards will be. This will help us maintain an EXTREMELY strong floor price. 

10) We plan on holding multiple gaming tournaments as well as collaborating with other NFT projects to hold tournaments with large grand prizes. 


Diamond hANDERS, Unite!

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